The Brewery

Who We Are

With its grand opening on August 30, 2013, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. went from a small, lofty notion into a full-fleshed reality. Focusing on the uniqueness of the Southern California desert, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. strives to connect both ends of the Coachella Valley through quality locally grown ingredients and expertly crafted beer.

Locally owned and operated in Thousand Palms, California, we are committed to crafting beer that showcases the agriculture and the attitudes of the desert.

Locally Crafted

With an emphasis on farm-to-table brewing, we use the vast diversity of the Coachella Valley as inspiration. We combine the luxury of the Palm Springs west valley with the agricultural excellence of the east valley to produce truly unique and flavorful beer. Using local citrus, herbs, honey, and spices, we support local farms and flavors. We believe sustainability, creativity, and passion are the key ingredients in the best craft beer.

One Man’s Trash

Coachella Valley Brewing Co. believes waste is a terrible thing. With that, we have found creative ways to reuse what other breweries discard. Our spent grain left over at the end of a brewing cycle is sold or given to local agricultural business to be used in livestock feed

Craft, Technology And Efficiency

Coachella Valley brewing company employs a state of the art 17 Barrel Brewhouse, the H.E.B.S. or high-efficiency brew system and is one of fifteen in operation on the planet. The heart of the system is mash filtration technology. We do not use a mash tun/lauter tun combo and instead press the mash through a filter press thereby increasing our mash efficiency to 90%. As compared to mash/lauter tun systems the H.E.B.S. is capable of producing a 17 barrel batch every two hours while using 60% less water and producing 65% less spent grain solids. This systematic approach to brewing combined with green technology relative to our cleaning and sanitation practices poises Coachella Valley Brewing as a leader in producing high-quality beers while being mindful of the environment. We are proud to have partnered up with many of the amazing local farmers and East Valley agriculture industry leaders using various locally grown sustainable ingredients to create our farm to glass Locally Crafted line of brews.