Luke Rye Walker Belgian Style Rye Double India Pale Ale

The force is strong in this unique one of a kind Double IPA named after Luke Anderson the newest addition to the CVB family. This beefy intergalactic IPA was formulated with Pacific Northwest Pale Malt, caramel malt and Malted Rye for a toffee like sweet yet earthy backbone. Simcoe, and Australian Summer hops work in unison to contribute intensely massive juicy fruit bubble gum aromatics and tropical notes of pineapple, guava and passion fruit. Our house wild yeast Torrulaspora Delbrukii was employed to deepen the complexity boasting big banana bread like phenolics with plenty of fruity esters of pear and peach. Look for a touch of funky farmhouse like aromatics and flavors. This brew remains intensely bitter while emitting gigantic hop aromatics that leave you wanting more. May the hops be with you.

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