What’s on Draft

Updated 03/04/2020



Coachella Blonde Blonde Ale    4.7%ABV
Golden, clean, and crisp. Our take on the American classic

I-10  Session IPA     5%ABV
Lower abv with all the West Coast hop flavor




Six Year Saison Belgian Saison    6.9%ABV
Dry Hopped Anniversary Saison

Sunda Saison Fruit Belgian Saison    6.8%ABV
Belgian Saison made with Mangosteen

Passion De La Saison Fruit Belgian Saison    6.8%ABV
Belgian Saison made with Passionfruit

Wallonmelon Fruit Belgian Saison    6.8%ABV
Belgian Saison made with Watermelon

Desert Swarm Honey Double Wit     7%ABV
Belgian Wit made with honey, coriander and local kumquat citrus fruit




Nectar of the Gauds  IPA     7.4%ABV
Guava IPA brewed with milk sugar

So Pitted IPA with Apricots    5%ABV
Lower abv IPA with Apricots

Island IPA IPA with Pineapple    5%ABV
Lower abv IPA with Pineapple

Orchard IPA Citrus IPA     6.8%ABV
West Coast Style IPA with Tangerine

Coachella Hazy IPA Hazy IPA     7.3%ABV
A dynamic/changing Hazy IPA with a new recipe twist batch to batch: Batch 8

MON…  Rye IPA     6.8%ABV
A classic balanced CVB IPA





Kind of Blueberry  Berliner Weisee 4%ABV
Made with Blueberries and Lactose

Blushing Blueberries  Blueberry Latte Berliner Weisee 4%ABV
Made with Blueberries, Lactose, Vanilla, and Joshua Tree Coffee





Noticeably F.A.T. English Barley Wine    11%ABV

Noticeably F.A.T.T.E.R.  Barrel Aged English Barley Wine    11.5%ABV
Aged in Bourbon Barrels

Oat-A-Lay Way  Oatmeal Milk Stout 5.6%ABV
Also available on Nitro!

Oatily Mochaly Oatmeal Mocha Stout 5.6%ABV
Made with Joshua Tree Espresso Blend and Cocoa Nibs

2017 Black Widow Russian Imperial Stout    13%ABV
Barrel Aged in Bourbon Barrels





Vanillia 0.0%ABV

Sasparilla 0.0%ABV

Creamsicle 0.0%ABV

Raspberry 0.0%ABV

Peach 0.0%ABV

Strawberry 0.0%ABV



(Wild) Cherry Oak Barrel Wild Ale 7.4%ABV
Sour American Wild Ale Made With Cherries

Kolschella Hybrid Ale    4.7%ABV
Kolsch style ale. Our take on the german classic

CDMX Mexican Lager 5%ABV
Light in color and easy going (Try some an a Chavela!)

Mayahuel  Barrel Aged Belgian Sour 14%ABV
Mezcal Barrel Aged Belgian Sour made with Agave

“Do You Have a Cyder” Graf(Apple Cider Blend) 6.5%ABV
Slightly Tart Dry Hopped Hibiscus “Karen” Kettle Sour brewed with Cider