Whopper Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Whopper Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout (13% ABV)

Made with a rich malty foundation of pale to chocolate grains, unfermentable milk sugar (lactose), Belgian bitter-sweet whole chocolate, cacao nibs, and aged in Bourbon oak barrels for over 12 months! This Imperial Stout promotes big roast, chocolate, carob…

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Framboys Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Framboys American Wild Ale (9% ABV)

Framboys an American Wild Sour Ale brewed with locally grown red raspberries and boysenberries and fermented in Cabernet Barrels. This unique offering is brewed once a year, we employ multiple wild yeast strains and select microbial flora to produce a…

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Phoenix Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Phoenix Vienna-Style Lager (6% ABV)

Phoenix dactylifera is a the genus name for the date palm tree which has long been cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. Phoenix Vienna lager is brewed with German Pilsner, Vienna, Carapils malts, and locally grown Medjoul Dates which are…

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Windfarm Belgian Saison (7.2% ABV)

One of our core six beers, this Belgian seasonal is named after the massive wind farms in the north end of the Palm Springs I-10 corridor stretching out towards Cabazon. This beer accentuates big bubblegum flavors from the Belgian…

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Saison Lautomne Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Saison L’Automne Belgian-Style Saison (9% ABV)

This seasonal offering is one of Coachella Valley Brewing Company’s most prized Belgian Farmhouse style ales.  Showcasing a bountiful array of ingredients from the fall harvest, locally grown pumpkins, and yams, are added to the mash while sumptuous Ceylon…

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Monumentous Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Monumentous Rye Double India Pale Ale (7.5% ABV)

By definition, a monumental occasion is one of very great significance and size. Coachella Valley Brewing Company’s Monumentous, aptly named after the Joshua Tree National Monument, is much more! The 800,000 acre Joshua Tree National Monument is an…

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Sessions IPA Coachella Valley Brewing Co

“Sessions” India Pale Ale (4.5% ABV)

Noted for its bright hop character and drinkability, this sessionable IPA is wonderfully balanced with deep malt layering and complex hoppiness. I-10 IPA is an exciting new style a marriage of the English Mild ale and India Pale Ale…

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Dubbel Date Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Dubbel Date Belgian Dubbel (10.5% ABV)

Dubbel Date is CVB’s Belgian Style Abbey Dubbel Ale brewed with Medjoul Dates Hadley Date Gardens grown right in the Coachella Valley. Typically, dark candy sugars are used to formulate Belgian Style Dubbels but we took a different approach…

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Kolschella Coachella Valley Brewing Co Kölschella Kölsch-Style Ale

Kölschella Kölsch-Style Ale (4.7% ABV)

As fun, popular and whimsical as the annual local music festival, Kölschella is a Kolsch light golden hybrid ale which is fermented warm and then lagered to produce a crisp, clean, and refreshing ale. Kölschella is light in…

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Palms to Pines Triple India Pale Ale (13% ABV)

Palms to Pines Triple IPA is an intensely complex, full bodied West Coast style Triple India Pale Ale. Triple IPA’s are not currently recognized as a beer style quite yet. However, in our opinion our Triple IPA differs slightly…

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Desert Swarm Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Desert Swarm Honey Double Wit (7.8% ABV)

Desert Swarm is CVB’s take on Belgian Style Witbier referring to the beers cloudy appearance. Desert Swarm is brewed with Raw Unmalted wheat, imported Belgian malts, Oats, Punjab coriander, locally grown kumquats from Coachella, California and Killer Bee Honey…

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Super Swarm Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Super Swarm Imperial Belgian-Style Wit (10% ABV)

Super Swarm is an imperialized version of our flagship Desert Swarm. Super Swarm boasts similar flavors of this unique unfiltered Belgian wheat beer brewed with local coriander, kumquat, and Africanized killer bee honey but we further complicated it with by…

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Harvester Coachella Valley Brewing Co

Harvester Imperial India Pale Ale (9% ABV)

To pay homage to the East Coachella Valley farmers and their bountiful citrus harvest we created Harvester Imperial IPA. Built with a beefy British Maris Otter base, some light crystal, and Victory malts and then chalked full of Cascade, Zeus…

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